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My dear friend

My dear friend I will go to war with the whole world over you my dear friend I will lay my life down for you to breathe once more my dear friend no woman nor man can change my thought of you my dear friend there is no mistake God put us through all these trials my dear friend love is a 4 letter word that has nothing on what I feel for you my dear friend we are two strong women my dear friend I’m sorry for all the pain I have put you through my dear friend we both had hard lives that’s what makes us different my dear friend I miss the old days and pray for better days my dear friend I know I haven’t been the best friend lately my dear friend I want us both to overcome this last obstacle together not alone


What a long night tonight something died in me idk what it is but I feel empty now I feel like I lost something of great value I love so much it hurts…it hurts to see my friend hurt the way she do but I don’t want to be in pain either I know she loves me but why do we both hurt each other it’s getting old very old I’m tired of starting over I’m pretty sure she is also I’m tired of the lies the deceit the anger the fighting….I feel as if we are no longer in highschool all the childishness has to stop both ways there should be nothing but loyalty but IdK I love her I feel as no matter what she does I will love her the same but we been through so much together to the point where I feel as if we are in for the long run but yet I feel cold someone I considered a dear friend said 2 words and I feel like they took something from me with those simple words it hurt me to the core I’m on top of this big messy ass triangle I’m living in I’m the top and the two love birds at the bottom I never get seen fuck my feeling on the other hand these two are right next to each other enjoying life while I’m just miserable I feel as if my once happy home has been broken everybody wanna be loved but who gonna love me nobody gives a damn no matter how many times I express myself I promise tonight is the very last night I speak of the bullshit I’m finally done after 8 very long months of tears heart ache and backstabbing but who cares long as your happy fuck the next persons right I love I give I help I trust way too much to keep getting bent over the way I do but maybe this time is different maybe things will change maybe I will be happy again and this gaping black whole in the middle of my heart will be over filled with joy but until then we only can wait….cheers to change hopefully there are good things to come but if not IMA stay strong suck it up and move along.

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Oh yeah

Oh yeah I got fired yesterday ,oh yeah it was my fault did I learn from it, oh yeah did I feel something crazy coming into my life, oh yeah ,change is coming oh yeah drastic change is coming oh yeah I feel a relief I needed something crazy such as losing my job to take a step back and evaluate myself, my life and goals oh yeah I want bigger better things in my life oh yeah its not going to be easy but it all is worth bit in the end oh yeah I feel the new beginning in my life oh yeah I’m so ready I love working under pressure it reveals new talents and old talents everything just comes to the surface and oh yeah just merge into one…keeping God close to me is one of my number one goals with this new beginning oh yeah im ready for this challenge

Good bye (“sighs”)

I feel empty I feel like the one I loved the most have betrayed me to the fullest I have no friends at this point I trusted both of them and they took that and fucked me over I have already over came an obstacle with my friend about this but yet it still pops up in my life I just wanna go some where some where far away from here where I don’t feel this pain its eating me alive I don’t think I can take this anymore I thought I was OK but I guess not I promised myself I wouldn’t feel this pain again but I failed I’m going to have to let my best friend go I don’t think its gonna work any longer I have to deal with this shit on my mind and heart its gonna hurt so bad to let her go but its over maybe this is the change I needed


Damn idk where to start I feel good and bad at the same time I feel good that me and my friend have set some wonderful goals and had long deep talks but I feel bad that some shit just got revealed it hurt so bad to know they I was right the whole time I wish the truth was never told I lost a so called friend tonight I mad about it but fuckem I been feeling weird towards that nigga any way I don’t need that nigga for shit he kiss my ass idgaf anymore I promised myself that I wouldn’t feel this pain again but I guess I was wrong ….it hurt so bad to the point where I can’t even cry just one tear roll down my cheek I was wrong but damn you was wrong also


Man I’m getting so big and I don’t know why my thighs are spreading my stomach is poking out I feel so uncomfortable my cycle on I’m bloated I never felt so huge in my life and I always been kinda big omg this is the worst feeling ever I want to lose weight and tighten everything up

Months ago

Months ago I made a promise with a friend that would not go there I kept mine but they didn’t it gutted me to the core till the point where I couldn’t function I love to see people happy but not if I’m gonna hurt months ago I tried to make everything right which ended up being a fight months ago I was happy until new people and new events changed how I viewed my only best friend the pain I feel is much better than how I felt months ago but some how I feel like that pain will resurface if my friend don’t get her head on her shoulders strait I can’t explain how bad that pain hurt me I’m still emotionally scared as I type. Yesterday I asked my friend a series of questions about the situation and she kept giving me the cold shoulder I really don’t know how to feel about this situation… I’ll be damn if I go threw so much pain again I’m tired if fighting I’m tired of giving my all into a dead situation I just wanna trust again I just wanna love again I just wanna be happy once more..months ago I felt as if my bestfriend was snatched right from underneath me but you know what were two different people we have two different views on life and I’m just learning to accept that but being hurt again in the same way by my friend is unacceptable I refuse to do that again and much as it will hurt I will have to just leave and believe I will leave I will not stand there and get mistreated by any one and I will not stick around long enough to feel that pain i felt again months ago…..

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So pretty

So pretty

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New day

A new day a new attitude I’m gonna venture out more idk why I’m so to myself even though I’m a people person. Its brand new day may 22 2014 let’s do it I promise no more bullshit I’m in my own lane now time to do grown woman shit ain taking no shit from nobody cause its a new day a new view on life and all it has to offer all I need is God in my life I been lost for so long till the point where I felt like there was no return but guess what its a new day a new attitude a new view on life a new problem but no stress